Jeremy Welch

Board Member

Jeremy Welch, who joined Paws & Think in late 2022, is the Executive Director at Ascension Living St. Vincent PACE in Indianapolis. Prior to this role, he spent 20+ years serving as a leader in manufacturing and engineering organizations before transitioning into healthcare and joining Ascension in 2016. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a Master of Science from Villanova University.

Jeremy is an Indiana native and he and his wife, Catrina, share a Carmel home with their two youngest daughters, Isabelle and Kately, and their three dogs; Zoey (a curly-coated retriever), Charlie (wire hair terrier-mix), and Tilly (Boston Terrier). Jeremy says he can never remember a time where his home was not found with the joy of true canine companionship.

Dogs have also been a part of Jeremy’s passion and volunteer work prior to Paws & Think. He graduated from a high school in northern Indiana, and once served as the leader for the Miami County Dog Club for 10 years. He taught young adults and youth how to connect with their animals and to form a bond and trust that led to the ability to achieve great results in the show obedience and showmanship arena.

As a leader within Ascension, Jeremy says he has seen the power of connection between animal and patient and how the simple presence of one of these amazing creatures can bring a smile to a person’s face. Jeremy saw firsthand how his daughter Isabelle benefited from the visits from the Paws & Think teams while undergoing cancer treatments at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. So when Jeremy and his wife were looking for a local organization to connect and to serve as volunteers, Paws & Think became a logical choice.