A Day in the Life of a Service-Dog-In-Training

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plaxico1Hello, All! My name is Plaxico and I am the biggest Labrador Retriever you will ever meet! I was donated to Paws and Think by my breeders, Drs. Karen and John Helmers of Greencastle (for which Paws and Think was very appreciative!). Everywhere I go my puppy raisers, Allison and Jacob Baber, tell me people stare at my size and handsome mug. I am confident and love to strut my stuff!

Not only am I big and beautiful, I am also very well behaved! I love to follow Allison around the house and keep her feet warm by quietly stretching across them with my whole body. I also am fortunate to share the house with Einstein, a golden retriever and registered Paws and Think therapy dog, and Charlie who they tell me is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. My pooch pals and I make for a full house, and I have fit right in!

plaxico2My favorite time of the day is when I wake up to see Allison or Jacob coming down the stairs. I wag my tail really hard and wait patiently in my kennel until I hear, “Ok! Let’s go!” I then run excitedly outside to potty because I know BREAKFAST is next! Einstein, Charlie, and I all sit at our food bowls until Allison tells us it is okay to eat. After breakfast, Einstein and I run to our toy bin (well the toy bin Einstein graciously shares with me), and we pull out our morning toy selections. I usually go for the quacking duck because it makes noise when I bite on it. Einstein will then bring over the rope and dangle it in front of my face. He thinks he is stronger than me, but I always prove him wrong. I will grab the rope and drag him around the house.

plaxico4After a few minutes of proving to Einstein that I can still beat him, I take a nap. My favorite place to nap is in Charlie’s bed, which doesn’t work out well for Charlie! I have to discretely push him out of it, usually starting by just resting my head on his bed and slowly edging my way into it. He will eventually move out of the way so I can curl up in a tight ball. I have to do this because the bed is not big enough for a 90 pound Lab. Regardless, it is my favorite place to sleep and he is great to accommodate me.

plaxico3I like to spend my day napping unless I am being paraded on the canal with Allison. The coolest thing I got to do was go shopping with Allison and my trainer, Kevin. Even though it was my first time out, I was on my best behavior! My previous owners and breeders taught me how to walk very nicely on the leash. I never pull on it and walk right beside Allison and Kevin. We walked all around Barnes and Noble and Best Buy. It was so fun to have people marvel at me as I made my way around all the aisles. I knew that this is what I was meant to do! I’m a natural. I love the attention I get from everyone who meets me. Allison loves to tell me that I am going to do special things for people. I don’t know what that is yet, but whatever it is, I know I am going to love it!