Therapy Dog Training Helpers

If you don’t have a dog, or your dog is not a good fit to volunteer with you as a therapy dog, we still need your help!

Paws & Think needs volunteers to assist with our therapy dog training classes. These are the classes where dogs and their handlers learn the skills to become registered therapy teams with Paws & Think. Our Dog Trainer leads these classes, and volunteers are needed to help the Dog Trainer practice different exercises with the dogs and their handlers. As a volunteer, you would not bring your dog with you for this opportunity.

Some examples of volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Helping to set up the training room
  • Providing different distractions for the dogs while they practice walking calmly with their handlers
  • Administering pretend vet examinations to the dogs
  • Helping to set up an obstacle course of toys and treats
  • Practicing calm greetings with the dogs and their handlers
  • Other duties as needed
Training Volunteer Image

We also welcome school-age children to volunteer along with their parent or guardian. All volunteers must either complete the Paws & Think volunteer application and background check or provide a signed waiver before volunteering at a class.

Our therapy dog training classes usually take place on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

If you are interested in volunteering with a therapy dog training class, please fill out our volunteer application and background check.

If you are interested in volunteering your time along with your dog, please visit our Become a Therapy Dog Team page for more information.