Purchase Gear

Looking to represent Paws & Think and support us by purchasing our official gear? There are several options to purchase Paws & Think gear that also help give back to the organization.

Lands’ End

For logo clothing and other items, please visit our store at Lands’ End

Paws & Think T-shirts

Visit our Bonfire page to order your Paws & Think t-shirt. We have a variety of styles available and will be adding other merchandise options in the future.

“A Complete Pipsqueak” Book

A little book about a little pup.

This book, illustrated by renowned artist Gabriel Lehman, highlights all of the things that make little Pip a Complete Pipsqueak. Gabriel is known for his whimsical creations and playful flair! Be on the lookout for his hidden art design element in the book.

Each book comes “signed” by Pip, the smallest Paws & Think therapy dog.

Pip believes in giving back every way she can! Net proceeds benefit Paws & Think.