Youth-Canine Graduates

Paws & Think’s Pawsitive Corrections program at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center pairs incarcerated youth with shelter dogs to change the lives of both.

Since September 2013 the partnership between Paws & Think, the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, and Indianapolis Animal Care Services has saved hundreds of shelter dogs and positively impacted hundreds of incarcerated minors.

In 2017, Paws & Think added the Hamilton County Youth-Canine Program, partnering dogs from Humane Society of Hamilton County with youth from Hamilton Youth Assistance Program. Additionally, the P.A.W.s (Pups and Warriors) Program at Warren Central High School was added. 

Dogs from our Pawsitive Corrections and Warren Central High School Youth-Canine programs are available for adoption through Indianapolis Animal Care Services. Dogs from the Hamilton County Youth-Canine program are available for adoption through the Humane Society of Hamilton County. Please check our Facebook page for more photos and information about each dog.

(Dogs below are from the Pawsitive Corrections Program unless otherwise noted.)


April: Pups and Warriors

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HOMES NEEDED! Dogs from April '23 WCHS Youth-Canine Program!
Erma Gray is a beautiful silver gray Lab mix with white markings and gentle amber eyes. This little beauty will steal your heart with her gentleness, her sweetness, and her cute personality. She loves toys and likes to lie on her back holding them between her paws!
Erma Gray is estimated to be around 1 and a half years old, but she’s a wonderful combination of calmness and playfulness. She has learned several obedience skills and is learning to happily drop her toys on cue in exchange for a treat. She loves making new friends and greets everyone so calmly. We think she has therapy dog potential . She would make such a wonderful, loving companion!
Chloe is an adorable tricolor Boxer mix who is around 1 year of age. She is a wonderful little size at only 35 pounds and is cute as a button in both looks and personality.  Her soulful brown eyes will melt your heart, as will her sweet  disposition.
Chloe also loves to cuddle and sit on laps!! She responded so well to positive reinforcement training and would love a home where she could continue to learn new things and snuggle with her new family!!
ADOPTED: Marcy (formerly Marshmallow) is a 2 year old tan German Shepherd who had a very difficult life prior to coming to the shelter and is painfully thin. Despite these hardships, she is without a doubt, one of the sweetest, gentlest souls we’ve ever met, and her eyes shine with gratitude and joy.
ADOPTED: Marcy truly enjoying positive training and all the attention she’s receiving. She’s thrived in the program, learning many new skills and making friends with everyone she meets. We’re so happy this special girl has found a home and about to start a wonderful new life.
ADOPTED: Newman is one of the cutest characters you’ll ever meet and he’s stolen a lot of hearts during our program! He’s a 3 year old tri-color Pittie mix, with  big, adorable Corgi like ears, a huge grin, and a joyful demeanor.
ADOPTED: Newman has loved learning so many new skills with positive training, playing with toys (tennis balls are one favorite), and meeting new friends. We’re so happy this fun fellow has found his new family and the good life!!

March: Pawsitive Corrections

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Homes Needed! Dogs from Paws & Think's March '23 Youth-Canine Program
ADOPTED: Meet Lucy! This sweet girl has the cutest face and smile. She is about 5 years old and 65 pounds of love.
ADOPTED: Lucy is a sweet and happy girl. She was a tiny bit shy when first meeting some people, but she just loved her trainers and her tail would wag and wag during training. She's a smart gal, quickly learning new tricks, as she shows off "shake" here.
ADOPTED: Say hello to Meeker! She is a calm, quiet and gentle sweetheart. She is about 6 years old, and 70 pounds (although she is underweight and needs to gain some pounds). Meeker hasn't had the easiest life so far, and we are hoping she finds a loving forever home soon.
ADOPTED: Meeker's calm demeanor helped her learn so many things! She has great focus and a quiet personality. Here she is mastering the lay down and stay command. Way to go, Meeker!
ADOPTED: Meet Pawtrick Star! This guy's wiggly personality made everyone smile. He's a  Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is about 3 years old and 57 pounds.
ADOPTED: Pawtrick is a happy gentleman who is also so smart! He loved training and working with his trainers. He was eager to learn and as you can see in the photo, his tail never stops wagging. Pawtrick is one happy boy!
Say hi to Valentina! This girl has stolen our hearts. She has the most bubbly personality and beautiful eyes, but her body has many scars as evidence that her life has not been an easy one. She is about 2 years old and 50 pounds, and deserving of the best and most loving forever home.
There is one thing that Valentina loves more than anything... and that is belly rubs! She did great in training, and learned that people can be trusted and kind. We are hoping Valentina finds a loving home soon where she can get  all the belly rubs she deserves!

March: Pups and Warriors

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Dogs from September WCHS Youth-Canine!
Devlin is a 4 year- old  brindle Anatolian Shepherd mix . This big, happy boy is calm, loves attention, and takes treats gently. He’s agile for a larger dog and was able to easily jump into our vehicle and maneuver the agility equipment.
Devlin knows a lot of skills and will do most anything you ask with positive reinforcement, though rolling over for belly rubs is his favorite activity.
ADOPTED: Bing Bong is a tan and white Australian Cattle Dog who is approximately 2 years old. She is on the smaller size of 40 lbs and a cutie patootie! She is a true gem and would be an amazing companion. She is the happiest, most affectionate little girl, whose main goal in life is to snuggle and give kisses! She also has amazing focus and is as smart as a whip.
ADOPTED: Bing Bong really excelled with positive reinforcement training and loved learning and interacting with people. Within a couple of days, she was holding down state on her mat like a pro. If you’re looking for a fun,  cuddly companion, she may be your girl!
ADOPTED: Chance is a 3 year- old brindle and white American Pit Bull Terrier and one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. This happy boy loves everyone and is so calm and gentle.
ADOPTED: Chance enjoyed learning new skills and walks on the leash like a pro. He would be the perfect friend for any family!
ADOPTED: Mouse is an adorable blue cream and white brindle mix who is approximately one year old. She is a small 35 pounds and enjoys being close to people. She’s had a rough start so she can be a little timid when strangers first approach,  but if you get down to her level or toss her a treat, she runs to you immediately… and you’re then her buddy for life.  She is so loving and snuggly, and would make such a wonderful companion.
ADOPTED: With love and positive reinforcement, Mouse's confidence grew by leaps and bounds in just the few days that she was in our program. She started approaching people on her own for attention and built up the confidence to traverse the tunnels and other agility equipment. She is smart and happy, and needs a loving owner to help her continue on her journey of reaching her full potential . She learns so quickly and will reward you with a lifetime of love.

February: Pawsitive Corrections

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Homes Needed! Dogs from Paws & Think's FEB '23 Youth-Canine Program!
Say hi to Alma! This happy girl has sweet, soulful eyes, along with the most fun-loving silly personality that had all the volunteers smiling along with her. She is around 4 years old but seems much younger than that. She is 56 pounds and full of joy!
Alma loves everything, including training. She has been at Animal Care Services since December, and we just can't figure out why. She's happy, affectionate and energetic. Not to mention cute! We just love Alma!
Meet Gabanna! This girl has beauty and brains. She's polite, gentle and eager to please. She is around 2 years old and weighs 63 pounds.
Gabanna turns heads with her good looks, but she's also here to learn! Her she is showing off one of the very first things the dogs in the program learn, which is the "Watch" command. Way to go, Gabanna!
Say hello to Gia. This sweet girl is a calm observer of her surroundings. She is about 3 years old, 50 pounds and is such a sweetheart. Her past might have not always been easy, but we are hopeful she has a loving forever home in her near future.
Gia is calm and curious. She was very interested in learning and eager to please her trainers. She is attentive and gentle in her actions. This special girl found her way into our hearts right away.
ADOPTED: Meet Gilbert! This handsome boy checks all the boxes. Stunning good looks? Check. Quick learner? Check. Great personality? Check, check, check! Gilbert is about 1 year old and 66 pounds. This happy boy can't wait to meet you!
ADOPTED: Gilbert is very smart and loved his time in the program. When his trainer would come to greet him at the start of the program each day, his tail would start wagging and you could see the joy he had spending time with his people. Such a good boy, Gilbert!


November: Pawsitive Corrections

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Homes Needed! Dogs from Paws & Think's Nov. Youth-Canine Program
Meet Chevelle! This darling girl is hard to photograph because she never stops wiggling! :) She is just so friendly and happy. She is about two years old and 52 pounds of pure love.
Chevelle quickly learned watch, touch, sit and down. She was so happy during her time in the program and loved sitting in the laps of her trainers during breaks. She just wiggles with joy when greeting new people and you can't help but smile when you see her coming.
Say hello to Evie! You may recognize Evie from our October program... She is still waiting for her forever home. But despite not having found it yet, Evie's personality is still shining. She is about 6 years old and 42 pounds. She's a great medium sized dog who is calm and affectionate. If you want a relaxed dog to cuddle up with, look no further than Evie!
Evie knows her commands and is so easy-going. There are two things about this photo that make us especially happy. Evie was not treated well in the past, and you can see here that her tail still wags constantly. Also, Evie's coat of fur was dull and thin when she first arrived. In just a month, it's grown back and is full of shine. Evie deserves the very best. She's a favorite of ours at Paws & Think and at Animal Care Services!
Say hi to Tommy. Sadly, Tommy has spent his whole life (7 years) with quiet owners who recently passed away. This means he is experiencing many new things all of a sudden and for the first time. Because of this, he can be timid at times, but his confidence grew during the program and his tail wagged more and more each day. Tommy is about 7 years old, 73 pounds and would do best in a forever home where he can have a quiet, calm environment.
For Tommy, a lot of his "training" simply meant giving him the opportunity to watch and be curious about his new surroundings, while giving him reassurance and affection. He is a big sweet boy who is just looking to find a new forever home where he can relax and be someone's big snuggle-bug.
Meet Nigel! This handsome boy is cheerful and smart! He was found as a stray and is about three years old and 41 pounds (but is underweight). He has a natural ease about him and is a friendly, happy guy.
Nigel is one super-smart boy! He mastered so many commands so quickly, that we think he could potentially have a future as a therapy dog. He absolutely loves to learn and thrived during training. Way to go, Nigel!

November: Pups and Warriors

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Mighty Mouse is a one year old gray and white male who is an adorable mix of breeds. This sweet boy is full of joy and loves everyone he meets! He would make such a fun companion,as he can do it  all… he loves playing and being active so he’d love to accompany you on adventures, but he also loves to snuggle on laps and get belly rubs so he’d love curling up next to you on cold nights too.
Mighty Mouse loved learning new skills and picked them up quickly. He’d love to keep on learning in a new home!! He his heartworm positive, but the shelter will pay for his treatment-he just needs a foster or adoptive home in which to recover.
Buck is a tricolor German Shepherd mix who’s approximately 1 year old. This darling boy has the cutest face and  most loving temperament you can imagine. Don’t let his young age fool you … while he enjoys being active, he is a very calm 1 year- old and his favorite pastime is lying next to you for snuggles and belly rubs.
Buck loves everyone and even enjoys hugs so we could easily see him being a therapy dog. He also learned his skills easily. He would be such an amazing companion and is waiting for you!!
Giblets is a very handsome white American Staffordshire Terrier mix . His age is unknown but we’re guessing he’s probably a few years old , as he’s full of life, but also enjoys lying and hanging out with friends.
Giblets is a very smart boy who loves learning new skills and responded so well to positive reinforcement. He has a big personality to match his big muscles . He is a happy, goofy boy who really likes people , and can make you laugh with his sweet, sassy ways!!
(ADOPTED) - Kimber is a 5 year- old black and white Staffordshire Terrier mix who will melt your heart with her huge smile and even bigger heart.
(ADOPTED) - Kimber is such a calm, gentle girl who loves everyone. She did well in the program and would thrive on a home where she has a family to shower her with love.

October: Pawsitive Corrections

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Homes Needed! Dogs from Paws & Think's Oct. Youth-Canine Program at MCJDC!
Say hello to Amanda! This pretty girl is just the cutest little friendly girl! She is about 3 years old and a great medium sized dog at 46 pounds with shorter legs. Her happy tail never stops wagging!
Amanda might first get noticed because of how cute she is, but she's also one smart gal! She picked up commands very quickly and was very eager to learn more. On the very first day, she was showing off touch, watch, sit and even stay! Good girl, Amanda!
Meet Bryant. This gentle giant pulled on all of our heart strings. He's a good boy who is just looking for a home where he can lounge around and get belly rubs. At 10 years old and 73 pounds, he's been passed over time and time again at the shelter for no fault of his own. We are hoping with our whole hearts that someone can give Bryant the forever home he so much deserves.
Bryant did great with training. Attentive and smart. But what he really loves most is just relaxing with this trainers and getting pets and attention, as shown here. As a senior dog, he would be great for anyone wanting a chill companion by their side.
Say hi to Evie. This sweet girl hasn't had the easiest life, but it hasn't broken her spirit. She is so happy and grateful for any affection that is shown to her, and it is clear that she hasn't always been treated well. She's about 6 years old and only 42 pounds.
Despite having a past that wasn't kind to her, Evie didn't take long  to warm up to her trainers and really anyone who offered her a loving hand. And treats! She loves getting treats which makes training fun for everyone.
Meet Louie! He's a Great Dane mix with beautiful markings. He's about 4 years old and 50 pounds, and is just a very happy, friendly guy.
Here Louie shows off one of the first things that dogs learn in the program, which is the "touch" command. This command is useful for many different things and Louie mastered it right away. Way to go, Louie!

September: Pawsitive Corrections

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Homes Needed! Dogs from Paws & Think's Sept. Youth-Canine Program
Meet Callie! This 3-year-old girl is just the sweetest, calmest, affectionate dog. She's about 52 pounds and has a heart of gold. We think that she may have the potential to be a therapy dog based on her calm, gentle personality.
Callie is one smart pup. She quickly mastered the basics - touch, sit, down - and picked up new tricks as well, such as crawl, roll over and leave it. Way to go, Callie!
Say hello to Missy! This stunning girl is beyond sweet. She just loves getting pets and attention from people. Her striking eyes and beautiful coloring makes her stand out from the crowd, but what is really unique about her is that she is deaf! This means training is a bit different for her, using hand symbols and other cues. She is about 4 years old and 43 pounds.
Missy loves people. You can see her tail wagging here as she shows off the "touch" command. Missy's past has not always been filled with positive human interactions, but she is so happy to be around people who give her love and affection. Missy absolutely stole everyone's hearts in the program and we hope she finds the loving forever home she deserves!
Meet Thorin! This big, happy boy loves people. He is about 4 years old and 68 pounds but still has a lot of young pup energy. He's got a big, happy smile that is impossible to resist!
Thorin is a super smart guy! He is great at focusing his energy on training and was quick to learn all the skills! Sit, down, rollover and even speak! This lovable guy really enjoyed his time with his trainers!

September: Pups and Warriors

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Smokey is a 3 year- old gray and white male with the most gentle eyes and the cutest pink around his nose.
This precious boy has such a sweet demeanor and calm nature.
Smokey has also enjoyed learning new skills, and we could see him possibly enjoying therapy work!
Busey is a handsome white and gray American Pit Bull Terrier. He’s a 1 and 1/2 year-old male, full of energy and personality. He loves toys and needs a buddy with whom to play and go on fun adventures.
Busey's enjoying training and he’s blossoming with positive reinforcement.
For anyone who fosters or adopts a dog from one of our youth canine programs, Paws & Think trainers are happy to provide the adopters with  a free training session to help with a smooth transition, demonstrate what the dogs learned in the program , and answer any questions the owners may have.
Carol is an adorable 3 year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix ( possibly mixed with some Boxer), with a beautiful brindle coat and soulful brown eyes.
This little girl has brains and personality as well as beauty. She’s learning her skills easily and is a social butterfly!
She loves everyone and might enjoy being a therapy dog. She likes to play but is also very calm and rides in the car like a champ.

August: Pawsitive Corrections

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Meet Louise! This sweet girl (who is bonded with Thelma) was a little timid starting the program but was affectionate and interested in learning from her trainers. She is about one year old and 48 pounds.
Louise grew in confidence throughout the program and you could tell she was relieved to spend time away from the noisy shelter! She and Louise shared a kennel (they were found together) and both blossomed during their time in the program.
Sometimes during the program (especially on the first day, shown here) we will just give the dogs some chill time to sit with their trainers and feel what it's like to have calm humans as your companions. It's a great way for the dogs to learn to trust and open up with their trainers and other people!
Say hello to Nero! This big boy was the outgoing guy of the group. He's got a big head holding that big brain of his, and he was so happy to say hello to anyone who came to greet him. At 65 pounds (and about three years old) Nero just wants to be someone's big cuddle buddy. He is a calm, smart boy who is eager to learn lots of new things!
Nero was a wonderful dog to be partnered with a trainer who was a bit nervous of larger dogs. Just like the trainers are teaching the dogs new things, the dogs teach a lot to the trainers as well! He showed that just because he's a larger dog, he's really just a tender-hearted lovable big lug!
Meet Thelma! This beautiful brown-eyed girl (who is bonded with Louise) is a Lab Shepard mix who is about two years old and 50 pounds. She - like Louise - is just a total sweetheart who really came out of her shell during the program.
Already on her first day, Thelma was quick to learn new commands and was very trusting of her trainers. She also is a big fan of belly rubs!
The dynamic duo - Thelma and Louise! These two girls were found bonded together as strays and haven't left each other's side much since. (They share a kennel at the shelter and during the program.) We can only speculate if they are siblings, or just puppy pals, but they are a very sweet duo (and adorably cute as well!)

July: Pawsitive Corrections

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ADOPTED: Jess is a two year- old gray and white Staffordshire Terrier mix and steals the heart of every person who meets her! This precious girl is smart, calm, loving, and the best snuggler around!!
ADOPTED: We think she has the potential to be an amazing therapy dog and would love to see this girl get into a home where she’s appreciated for the gentle soul that she is.  She is quickly learning her basic training skills and stays calm in every situation. She has worked her magic on her teenage trainers , who were both a bit unsure of dogs prior to the program. They are now Jess’s biggest fans and wrote glowing letters of recommendation for her future owners!
ADOPTED: She had a tough life before coming into the shelter and we’re hoping that things have turned around for her now. Could you be her new best friend?
ADOPTED: Carmella is a 2 year- old Pit Bull Terrier mix . This brindle beauty is a great size at just 40 lbs, and has a zest for life. Carmella is a smart girl who loves every person she meets!
ADOPTED: She loves exploring and playing tug, and will easily trade her tug toy for a treat or another toy. Though she loves being active, Carmella has also mastered really strong Sit and Down behaviors. She also likes to roll over and enjoys having her belly rubbed.
ADOPTED: This sweet girl has grown so much this week in the program with positive reinforcement and we wish her the best life in her new home!
ADOPTED: Zena is a spayed tan and white Staffordshire Terrier mix who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. The shelter thinks she may be around 7 years of age but she seems younger and has a zest for life!
ADOPTED: This sweet girl was found as an injured stray and had to have a rear leg amputated a couple of weeks ago. It has healed perfectly and she hasn’t let this get her down for a minute! Zena has excelled in her training with positive reinforcement and could keep up with everyone  with no problems. She walks well, navigates stairs without issue, and can sit and lie down with ease. Her favorite activity is lying calmly with a human companion and playing with toys. She will entertain herself for a long time if she has toys and self soothes by holding a tennis ball in her mouth. We also think that Zena could have great therapy dog potential.
ADOPTED: This sweet girl needs to find her home soon so she can continue healing and finally get a chance to live the life she deserves!
Homes Needed! Dogs from Paws & Think's July Youth-Canine Program

July: Hamilton County

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If you’re looking for a loving and loyal BFF who loves to be by your side, Amelia might be a great fit for you. Amelia loves everyone she meets and does well with kids, so she could have therapy dog potential.  She loves her people so much, in fact, that she can get a bit stressed when they leave without her, so her ideal home would be one where her family is home most of the time- as that is when she is happiest!
Amelia is a smart
lady and has also mastered her basic commands. And don’t be fooled by her age… this 10 year- old girl may like to calmly snuggle, but she is also full of life, and was an agility rock star!
She fell in love with the agility tunnels and would grin from ear to ear, as she ran through all the tunnels, without needing any prompting from us. She’s so excited for a home, that it can sometimes take a little time for her to show you all that she has to offer but she’s so worth it!
Each day we were with her, she got better and better! She has so much life and love to give,  so please come meet this special girl.
ADOPTED: With his shiny black coat, adorable face, and joyful personality, this 1 year- old dynamo would be an amazing companion!
ADOPTED: He listens really well, even when excited, and he learned very quickly that calmly sitting or lying down , are the best ways to get attention.
ADOPTED: We loved watching his exceptional focus, and his concentration on making good choices for his trainers .
ADOPTED: But this boy loves to let his hair down and play too… he loves toys , playing with friends, and just loves everyone!! We know that he’ll be a beloved member of his new family.
Opal joined our program for 2 days, after a fellow participant was adopted. This happy girl loves everyone and is a ray of sunshine!
She’s a young 6 years of age , who made us smile with her zest for life, whether that was rolling in the grass with her feet up in the air, running back and forth to happily greet new friends, or just hanging out, hoping to get petted.
Opal has learned some basic training cues and takes treats gently.
Opal is also anxiously waiting for her family, so come spend some time with her and let her show you what a jewel she really is!
ADOPTED: If you’re looking for a best friend who has beauty, brains, and personality plus, look no further than Pete!
ADOPTED: This boy was both a training and agility rock star . He loves learning and easily masters whatever skills he’s taught.
ADOPTED: Pete also really loves to play, and quickly learned to drop his toys on cue ( Drop) when asked.
ADOPTED: This smiley boy is always up for fun and was always making us laugh. We know that he’ll bring this same kind of joy to his new family.

June: Pawsitive Corrections

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Meet Eleven! This smart, calm gal is just so sweet. We think that she has potential to be a therapy dog based on her happy demeanor and ability learn many different commands. Eleven is about four years old and 45 pounds.
Eleven is so smart and quickly learned many commands beyond the basics. She mastered skills like stay, leave it and loose-leashing walking right away. Way to go, Eleven!
Eleven can shake with either paw and delighted her trainers with her willingness to learn. She is one smart pup!
Say hello to Hughie. When we heard of the the cruelty Hughie endured prior to coming to the shelter and our program, our hearts broke. But seeing how he blossomed in the program made our hearts soar. He learned that humans can be kind. His tail started wagging on a regular basis. He conquered his fear of stairs. Hughie deserves the best forever home and we hope with all our hearts that he finds it. He is about four years old and 35 pounds.
Despite his past, Hughie trusted his trainers almost immediately and liked to learn new commands, even more challenging ones like "Stay." Good boy, Hughie!
Sure, Hughie has great focus in this photo, but look at that wagging tail! Hughie's past has not broken his spirit. In this program, he had dozens of toys and a dog bed, which is probably something he had never experienced. You could see the joy he felt when he got to squeak a toy or snuggle on a bed... or someone's lap :)
ADOPTED: Meet Macy! This happy pup could be a dog supermodel with her caramel-colored-coat and matching eyes. But she's more than just a beauty. She's calm, friendly, happy and smart. She's about three years old and well-fed 45 pounds :)
ADOPTED: Macy loved her time in the program. She was a quick learner and very happy try new things. She has a wonderful personality and loves anyone she meets.
ADOPTED: Macy and her trainers had so much fun together, doing all sorts of tricks. Here she is doing rollover, which was easy to teach based on her love for belly rubs!

June: Hamilton County

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ADOPTED: Buford is a super handsome tan and white male American Pit Bull Terrier mix with striking hazel eyes and a huge grin. He is a happy  boy of 1 and a half years
ADOPTED: Bulford is both toy and treat motivated and learns quickly with positive reinforcement. He loves playing with toys and other dogs , and would be the perfect companion for someone who wants a fun and active sidekick. He’s full of playful energy,  like most teenagers his age, but he is also full of love, eager to learn, and calms quickly after a little exercise or a brief training session ( he came back from a doggy play session, one tired pup!)
ADOPTED: Bulford's a wonderful teenager who’s going to continue to blossom into an even more wonderful adult!!
ADOPTED: Gucci is a beautiful brown female Staffordshire Terrier mix who is 8 years young. She is the perfect balance of calmness and zest for life!
ADOPTED: Gucci is smart, curious, loves food puzzles and exploring, but also has a passion for just hanging out and cuddling. She learns very  quickly and loves everyone she meets.
ADOPTED: Gucci is such a gentle, sweet soul , who will make an amazing companion !  We’re thrilled for her and her new family!!
Loca is a 7 year- old gray and white female Terrier mix, with an adorable face and expressive eyes that twinkle with personality!
Loca loves making friends and is at her happiest when she’s able to sit or lie next to someone. So, if you’re looking for a buddy who will both enjoy adventures out and snuggling at home, this sweet, girl could be your new best friend!
Loca is treat motivated and responded so well to positive reinforcement training. She had a tough start in life, but has a lot of life and love to give and just needs a family to give her a chance.
Riley is a gorgeous black and white 2 year- old female American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Riley is sad to be at the shelter so she can appear a bit shy when you’re first getting her out of her kennel, but she warms up so quickly and is a totally different dog within minutes.
Riley is both treat and toy motivated , and with positive reinforcement training, she has blossomed and is a training rock star. She may be only 2 years old, but she listens well and has amazing eye contact with her handlers.
Riley is such a sweet girl, with a huge smile and joyful spirit, and she needs to be in a loving home so she can continue to build her confidence and spread joy!

May: Hamilton County

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ADOPTED: Chaos is an adorable 4 year- old tan Puggle ( Pug/ Beagle mix) whose personality will win you over right away. Don’t let his name fool you… this little nugget is playful and full of joy, while also being calm and gentle. He smiles all the time!!
ADOPTED: Chaos is part of a bonded pair and his best friend is little Charlie Guy . These two sweet boys were pulled from a tough situation where they didn’t get much attention, so they learned to rely on each other for companionship. They are both thriving now and gaining  more confidence each day!
ADOPTED: Chaos is very food motivated and has realized that he enjoys learning with positive reinforcement . He even  learned a couple of tricks, such as Spin,  in addition to some basic obedience skills. He also enjoys walks and both dogs walk great together.  While it can seem like a lot to adopt 2 dogs at once,  I think these two little men make a great package deal… they don’t take up much space and they’re both sweet and delightful.
ADOPTED: Charlie is best friend to Chaos and was also in our program. He is a 7 year- old black little Puggle mix, and has the cutest little face!! We’re not exaggerating when we say that this little peanut is the sweetest, calmest, and most gentle little guy and will melt your heart. His little tail is also constantly wagging!
ADOPTED: Training with positive reinforcement has been so great for Charlie’s confidence, and he’s been learning new skills each day.
ADOPTED: Charlie Guy loves walks and toys, but his favorite thing in the world is lying somewhere comfortable, snuggling. He is the perfect lounging companion and enjoys a laid back pace ! ! I can also see some therapy dog potential in him.   Charlie and Chaos complement each other well and would be such fun companions- they would bring double the joy and love !!!
ADOPTED: Meshack is a 9 1/2 year- old mixed breed , but don’t let his age fool you… this precious boy is handsome enough to be a movie star AND has the personality to be the perfect companion. He has so much life and love to give !! He has excelled in his training and can keep up with dogs half his age, but he is also calm , gentle, and sweet as sugar. I think he has definite therapy dog potential .
He has lived with dogs and kids before, and is house trained. He also enjoys being brushed and pampered.
ADOPTED: Currently, Meshack is listed at the shelter as being part of a bonded pair, with a gorgeous, sweetheart of a yellow Lab named Simba, who is 3 years old. These boys came into the shelter together , so the hope was to find them a home where they could stay together, but the shelter is continuing to evaluate them to see if they could be happy being adopted separately.
ADOPTED: Please consider meeting Meshack- he’d be an ideal companion , whether on a walk or snuggling at home. The shelter will let you know whether he can be adopted on his own or if he needs to stay with Simba, as they want both of these wonderful boys to find their homes and thrive!
ADOPTED! Roxy is a beautiful brindle American Pit Bull Terrier mix. She is 6 years old , but has the energy and zest for life of a younger dog. This girl is smart as a whip and a training rock star!!
ADOPTED! She is highly food and toy motivated so she’s so much fun to train and she thrives in any activity you can think of… from learning manners, to navigating an agility course, to walking nicely on her Petsafe 3-in-1 harness, to just sitting with you for cuddles.
ADOPTED! She has lived with both kids and dogs before and done well, and she passed her cat test at the shelter. She is also housetrained. Roxy is such a sweet girl with so much love to give. She loves toys and would be the best buddy to take on adventures . Perfect for anyone looking for a confident, loving, fun companion!!

April: Pawsitive Corrections

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ADOPTED! Say hello to to Cleopatra! This pretty girl is about 3 years old and 40 pounds. (Although she could benefit from gaining some weight.) She is a little timid as her life before the shelter wasn't the best. But she's very sweet and calm once she knows she can trust you.
ADOPTED! Cleopatra (or Cleo as we called her) was very focused on her trainers and was interested in learning. She quickly understood the watch command as she shows here.
ADOPTED! Cleopatra's trainers were a very calming presence for her and their closeness comforted her. Both Cleo and her trainers showed the the power of positive reinforcement and she grew more and more confident throughout the program!
ADOPTED! Meet Harkness! This big boy is a Boxer bundle of joy! At only 10 months, Harkness has that happy, puppy energy that is sure to make you smile. He likes to lean on you when getting pets. He's 90 pounds but on the skinny side, so likely he will likely tip the scales at more than that!
ADOPTED! Harkness is so happy and friendly, but he's smart too! He really enjoyed training and quickly picked up on new tricks. Way to go, Harkness!
Say hi to Oreo! This brindled gal is about one old and 53 pounds. She can be just a little unsure of meeting new people, but as soon as she understands that they are a friend, she's ready to meet them! Her trainers did a great job teaching her that meeting new people is okay!
Oreo did well with learning commands and picked up watch, touch and sit on the very first day. Here she is sitting patiently ready to hear what her trainer has to say next! Good girl, Oreo!

March: Pawsitive Corrections

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ADOPTED: Say hi to Betty! Betty is a bundle of energy and joy! She is a Lab mix who is about a year and a half old, and 65 pounds. She has a lot of puppy energy and is happy to greet anyone she meets!

Comments from a volunteer: "Betty is a great dog. So smart and very happy, with a lot of energy! She responds to training so well, redirects really easily when excited, is learning to sit instead of jumping up for attention, and loves to play fetch . She also loves people and just needs someone who wants a fun, active companion."
ADOPTED: Here Betty shows off one of the first commands that we teach in the program. It is the "touch" command. Good girl, Betty!
ADOPTED: Say hello to Lollipop! Even though this handsome gentleman is less than a year old, he is extremely focused and very smart! He is a beautiful brindled Plott hound mix. He is about nine months old and he is 56 pounds.

Comments from a volunteer: "Lollipop could have potential for therapy dog once he matures some. He’s really good for just 9 months. He loves to play and chew on his chew bone,  but also loves to snuggle up against people and even sit in laps. Such a happy boy!!"
ADOPTED: Lollipop stands perfectly still as he focuses on his trainer... except for his tail which is always wagging! This smart boy quickly learned sit, down, leave it, stay crawl... and the list goes on! Way to go, Lollipop!
ADOPTED: Meet Nora! This Pittie mix is a total sweetheart. She is extremely calm and gentle. Nora is about four years old and 55 pounds. 

Comments from a volunteer: "Nora has so much therapy dog potential! She’s the biggest snuggle bug, and a great dog. Love her!!"
ADOPTED: Nora learned sit very quickly and was quite focused on her trainers as they taught her new skills. Based on Nora's personality, we think she have great potential to become a therapy dog!

February: Pawsitive Corrections

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ADOPTED! Meet Gunter! He is an adorable 5-year-old neutered Bulldog/Pittie mix who was a program favorite.
ADOPTED! Everyone that met him wanted to take him home, as this calm, sweet gentleman wanted nothing more than to cuddle in your lap.
ADOPTED! He also enjoyed learning several new skills, and will be the best boy for his new family!
ADOPTED! Say hello to Doogie! Doogie is a cute Pittie mix with a happy smile and sparkling eyes. While Doogie’s exact age is unknown, we’re guessing he’s between 12-18 months old.
ADOPTED! This energetic boy really blossomed in the program and enjoyed learning new skills each day. He has a passion for playing, and his favorite game was chasing a furry toy tied to the end of a flirt pole- this really kept him busy when the weather didn’t allow for as much outside exercise.
ADOPTED! He will be such a fun companion for his new family!
ADOPTED! Say hi to Fitzer! He is a very handsome 4-year-old chocolate Pittie mix with the cutest pink nose.
ADOPTED! This sweet boy is so much more than his cute appearance- he has the brains and personality to match. He was a training rock star in the program, easily learning all his skills.
ADOPTED! He has a happy, curious demeanor that’s infectious, and one of his most endearing qualities is that his tail wags up and down, instead of side to side. He will be the perfect addition to his new home!

January: Pawsitive Corrections

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ADOPTED: Meet Ronnie! This happy boy loves to be the center of attention! He’s enthusiastic about meeting new people and his tail is always wagging. He’s about one year old and still has puppy energy. Ronnie is a great medium size at 43 pounds and could make a great running buddy!
ADOPTED: Ronnie loves everyone and everything — including learning! He’s eager to learn all the good dog manners and even though he has a lot of energy, he still was very focused on his trainer during the program. Here he shows off the “touch” command. Way to go, Ronnie!
ADOPTED: Say hi to Sugar! We are guessing she got this name at Animal Care Services because she is so sweet :) Sugar's life before the shelter wasn't the easiest, but that's not holding her back from showing affection and learning to trust again. Sugar is about 6 years old and 60 pounds.
Adopted: Sugar was a quick learner and knows many of the basic commands. She's very attentive and sweet. You can tell how much she loves affection and a glimpse of what life could be once she finds her forever home!
ADOPTED! Say hello to Cash! This big boy is about three years old and 65 pounds. He’s basically a giant cuddle bug! Cash is calm and affectionate and looking for a forever home where he relax and retire from his life as a stray.
ADOPTED! Cash is one cool dude, but he also has a smart brain in that big head of his :) He mastered the basics, and here he is giving his trainer a paw. Good boy, Cash!

How to Volunteer with Youth-Canine Programs

Youth-Canine Coach: Youth-Canine Coaches serve as mentors to the youth in our programs. Youth-Canine Coach volunteers work under the supervision of the Dog Trainer/Youth-Canine Program Leader and provide guidance, support, and praise to the youth and ensure proper handling of the dogs. 

Youth-Canine Evening Care: Evening Care volunteers for our Pawsitive Corrections Program help to care for the shelter dogs in the Youth-Canine Program in the evening after the program has ended for the day. Evening Care volunteers are responsible for helping to feed, walk, and toilet the dogs, administering any necessary medications to the dogs, and providing the dogs with love and affection.

Learn more about becoming a Youth-Canine volunteer.