Nickie Cornett

Youth-Canine Program Assistant

Nickie CornettNickie first got involved with Paws & Think in June of 2017, and she brings an array of skills to the organization in her role as the Youth-Canine Program Assistant. She serves as the liaison between Paws & Think and our Youth-Canine Program partners, maintains program statistics, and acts as the point of contact for current and new volunteers with the program.

Nickie graduated Summa Cum Laude from National American University with an Associate Degree in Business Management with an emphasis on tourism and hospitality. She is the Founder, President, CEO, and CFO for The PAWSitivity Project, a local nonprofit animal rescue that focuses on fostering, training, and adopting out at-risk dogs that have been pulled from Indianapolis Animal Care Services. Nickie also works as the Membership & Engagement Database Administrator for the Indianapolis Zoo, where she manages multiple databases, coordinates and executes member and donor events, and provides staff training.

Nickie is passionate about animal welfare, training, and advocacy. In the past she has volunteered with both Indianapolis Animal Care Services and IndyHumane, and she says that her volunteer experiences had a direct impact on her decision to start her own rescue. “Basically my entire life revolves around my community and nonprofit work,” she says. When she is not working or volunteering she enjoys performing on stage, reading, playing the flute, and personal spa days.

At home Nickie has four dogs: Jade the senior Lab/Hound mix, Chloe the Dachshund mix, Adeena the Pit Bull mix, and Drax the Pit Bull mix. Nickie says that she adopted Adeena just a few weeks after her grandfather had a stroke, and after taking Adeena to visit him in the nursing home, Nickie knew right away that she had a special dog. She says that Adeena was “made for therapy work” and they soon started volunteering together with Paws & Think. Adeena is also Canine Good Citizen Certified. Nickie refers to Adeena as her best friend and her heart dog: “I learn from her every day, and I can only hope she gets as much from our relationship as I do.”