Whitney Riggs

Board Member

Whitney RiggsWhitney Riggs is the Marketing Manager at Kroger Gardis & Regas, LLP law firm in Indianapolis. She started out her career as a print journalist working in newspapers and eventually switched to PR and marketing. She has a Bachelor of Arts in in Journalism and Master of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University.

She joined Paws and Think so she could connect with like-minded individuals in the community who share the same love and passion for dogs. She explains that there are those people who loves dogs, but there are those who live each day trying to be a voice for dogs in the community to make sure they are safe, healthy and happy.

At home, Whitney has one “stubborn, stinky and wild” 10-year-old pup named Myla. She adopted her when she was in graduate school from the Bloomington Animal Shelter. She credits Myla for teaching her all about dog behaviors – from separation anxiety to being dog selective – and the reason she’s so involved at animal shelters.

Whitney is a dedicated volunteer at Indy Humane and is an Advanced Canine Companion where she works with a team of chosen volunteers to enrich and exercise the most vulnerable and toughest behavior cases that come to the shelter. When she isn’t volunteering, she’s an early riser who can be found chugging coffee and doing yoga. She loves to travel with her husband and explore Indy’s food scene.

An interesting fact about Whitney is that in graduate school, she traveled to Kenya with a group of students to write about the HIV/aids epidemic there. They spent weeks visiting the slums, hospitals and hardest hit areas for stories and to educate the public. She calls it a life changing trip.

Whitney joined Paws and Think as a board member in 2021 and also serves on the organization’s marketing committee.