Natalie and Layla: A Perfect Match

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Natalie was headed home after a visit to the Humane Society of Hamilton County. Suddenly, she found herself pulling to the side of the road. She had planned to go home and think about it more, but now she knew she had to go back. She didn’t want to miss the chance to adopt Layla.

“As soon as I saw her, I pulled out my phone and took a picture,” said Natalie. “There was this instant connection. When she sat down next to me, I knew she had chosen me, and she was ready to go home.”

Layla was part of Paws & Think’s Hamilton County Youth-Canine Program. Her previous owners moved, and their new home was not Pit Bull friendly. Natalie believes Layla’s Youth-Canine training helped her become more comfortable with human interactions and dog training.

“Layla is extremely focused and looks right in your eyes. I found a photo of her from the program, and she has that same expression. When I adopted her, she was house trained and already knew a handful of commands. It was easy for me to teach her since she understood the training process.”

Natalie adopted Layla just over three years ago and loves being Layla’s “dog mom.” She can’t imagine life without her.

“Layla is the perfect combination of sweet and funny. She is 100% herself. As we got to know each other, her natural personality continued to come out. She has these super sweet moments where she curls up next to me, and she also has a playful, funny side. There is never a day where she doesn’t make me laugh out loud!”

The pandemic has strengthened their relationship even more.

“Everyone has been so isolated during the pandemic, and Layla has been my companion through it all. We make such a good match that I can’t imagine her being with anyone else.”

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