The Paws & Think pet therapy evaluation will test you and your dog on the following skills:

  • Dog demonstrates safe/controlled greetings with people and other dogs
  • Dog is comfortable with stranger’s touch
  • Dog walks next to handler on a loose leash (without straining) in highly trafficked areas and areas with distractions (dog must stay beside or slightly behind the handler in all situations)
  • Dog demonstrates basic obedience skills (Sit and Down for a minimum of 30 seconds) with distractions
  • Dog ignores food on the floor and other objects as directed by the handler
  • Dog does not take food offered by a stranger
  • Dog demonstrates the Touch skill
  • Dog demonstrates restraint while entering and leaving buildings or thresholds
  • Handler demonstrates a strong bond with the dog, working together as a team in all of the exercises and handler demonstrates the ability to advocate for the dog